Storm Preparation - Safeguard Your Devices and Data

Here is a handy list of tips for protecting your computer, peripherals (printers/scanners), cable modem and routers during storms. 

  1. Turn off your computer, printers, and other devices as you normally do. Do this BEFORE you unplug the power cords from the wall outlet.

  2. Unplug power cords from the wall outlet. If you have things plugged into a surge strip or battery backup you can just unplug the strip or the backup from the wall. If you unplug a battery backup you will hear it beep (its job is to provide battery backup when power is lost so unplugging it makes it beep to inform you it's doing its job). To stop the beeping just turn off the power switch on the battery backup. Once the crisis has passed, you can plug in the battery backup and turn it on.

  3. Unplug ethernet cables from the back of your computer (looks like a fat phone cable).

The main idea is to not have anything plugged in to the wall outlets when the power surges back on, which can cause damage to your equipment. 

When the crisis has passed, you will plug everything back in so be sure to pay attention to where and what you are unplugging.

And most importantly if you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to call us 631-723-3660. 

Thank you and be safe!