10 Fun New Things to Do in iOS 10

1. Use Your Camera as a Magnifying Glass

Turn your iPad or iPhone camera into a magnifying glass by swiping up from the bottom of the phone to access the control center. This will open up the Camera interface so you can zoom in on those tiny, oh so small, bits of information we come across during the day that we just can’t easily read. To zoom in on something pinch outward on the camera screen and this will zoom the lens to allow you to get up close and take a picture.  This works great for viewing those tiny serial numbers or other small print. 

2. Delete Text Wicked Fast

If you have 3D Touch capability, press the Backspace key to delete text much faster than just tapping the key. Press the key harder to see the text disappear even faster!

3. Swap Words for Emoji the Easy Way

Replace words with Emoji to make Messaging more fun and easy. Type some text in Messages then switch to the built-in Emoji keyboard. Words that can be replaced with an Emoji symbol will be highlighted. Just tap the word to replace with an Emoji. If there are multiple Emoji options, a pop-up menu will appear so you can tap on the best Emoji for the message.

4. Play Music While You Take Selfies

In the previous version of iOS every time you launch the Camera app your music stops, which makes it a little hard to record yourself lip syncing to your favorite tune. With the update to iOS 10, the music stays on even when the Camera app is in use.

5. Get Personal with Handwritten Notes

Add handwritten notes to chats by using your finger like a pencil. Turn your iPhone to landscape mode and tap in the field to type your message. On the iPad it works in either landscape or portrait mode.  You should see at the bottom right a symbol to the right of the return key, tap that. Now you can choose from one of the handwritten messages already there or have a try making your own. 


6. Add Effects to Chat Bubbles

With the update to iOS 10, chat bubbles now animate too. Rather than hitting the Send button after you've typed a text, tap and hold it (or press it with 3D Touch) to choose a Bubble effect: Invisible Ink, Gentle, Loud, or Slam. Try Invisible Ink if you'd like to add a little mystery to your message. That effect requires your friend to swipe on a chat bubble to unveil what you wrote in your message.

7. Never Lose Your Car Again

The iOS 10 version of Maps will now detect when you've disconnected from CarPlay or your car's Bluetooth and your location will be detected and remembered. When you're ready to find your car, just ask Siri, "Where did I park my car?" or search for "parked car" in Maps. This feature can be turned on/off in Settings-->Maps-->Show Parked Location.

8. Rise and Shine

Pick up your device and it wakes up! You can read your lock screen notifications without having to press any buttons. If you don't want to use the Raise to Wake feature go to Settings-->Display & Brightness-->Raise to Wake.

9. Never Miss Another Photo Opp

With iOS 10 you have quick camera access. As long as you have Raise to Wake enabled, you can quickly wake up your phone, then swipe left on the Lock screen to open the Camera and instantly start shooting. Previous versions of iOS required dragging a tiny camera icon located in the bottom right corner all the way up to open the camera. 

10. Predict Location and Contacts

Send someone your current location or an email address from Contacts with a single tap. For example, if a friend asks “Where are you?”, you will be prompted to tap a button to immediately share a map of your current location.

iOS 10 will also analyze the content of a message and automatically provide relevant contact information. For example, you text a friend, "Do you have Joe Smith's email address?" If your friend has Joe Smith's email address in his Contacts, with the tap of a button iOS 10 will automatically provide his contact information in their reply.


There are 100s of new features and updates to iOS 10, so this is just a taste of what you can do! If you haven't already updated and would like some assistance, a Geek is here for you. Please always remember to backup your devices before updating though!