How to Clean Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Don't forget your Apple devices when it comes time for spring cleaning. Is your iPhone or iPad screen covered in finger smudges making it difficult to read. Have you ever thought there was a spot on a photo just to realize your Mac screen has a small splash of coffee on it? Keep your devices looking beautiful and fresh with these tips.

Screen Cleaning Don'ts:

  • Do not use bleach, ammonia, vinegar or any other household cleaner on your device - it can damage the delicate screen coating.

  • Do not use paper towels, dish cloths, or tissue paper to wipe your device - these may seem soft, but they can actually scratch the screen.

  • Never submerge your iPhone or iPad under water. Never spray water on your device.

Screen Cleaning Do's:

  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your iPhone or iPad.

  • Use a small amount of screen cleaner sprayed on the microfiber cloth.

  • Always power down the device first. On an iPhone or iPad hold down the Sleep/Wake button and use the "slide to power off switch." On a Mac choose Apple > Shut Down.

  • Use the dry microfiber cloth to wipe the dust from your screen. Wipe in a slow, gentle circular motion. Do not scrub the display.

  • Place a small amount of screen cleaner on the cloth (don't soak the cloth). Wipe the cloth gently around the screen in a circular motion. Keep using small amounts of screen clean and wiping gently until the screen sparkles.

  • Cleaning the iPhone and iPad screen reduces (ever so slightly) the oleophobic coating because you are in effect rubbing it off. The surface will diminish over time with use, but using an abrasive material reduces the oleophobic coating much faster.

  • You can purchase a Whoosh cleaning kit with microfiber cloth and screen clean at GeekHampton.

Happy cleaning!