Discounted Products


GeekHampton offers discounted products in the form of clearance items, previous generation items, open box items and special promotions. All staff are responsible for knowing which items are discounted and how to process them correctly.


Location and labeling of discount products

  1. Open box machines are 10% off, have a red sticker and are listed in Wunderlist under “Open Box.” See Wunderlist P&P. All open box  items are final sale
  2. When we have clearance items, they are marked with a black dot, meaning 50% off and located on the front table in the store.  All clearance items are final sale

How to process a discounted product in LightSpeed

  1. Scan the product
  2. Enter the amount of the discount in the field to the right of the dollar amount. Enter either a % or $ to indicate the type of discount.

Proceed with usual checkout procedure.