GeekBar Inventory


A plastic box filled with items commonly used at the GeekBar (power cables, mice, etc.) is stored on the shelf under the GeekBar. The items in this box must be tracked on a daily basis.


Use the iPad in the GeekBar drawer to access the inventory checklist. 

  1. Select the Filemaker app in the dock

  2. Go to “checklist-inventory”

  3. Click the + sign on the bottom right to add a record

  4. Check off the items as you check them. Always make sure the items are actually physically there in the box. Never just check them off thinking you will find them later.

  5. Add notes and your name.

  6. Press Done

  7. Go to the upper left dropdown menu to close the file

Be sure to investigate any missing items from the box.

Check the “Loaners” list in Wunderlist, check the tech room, ask other staff members. If any items are missing indicate in the notes on the checklist what was missing and what was done to find it. We don’t want things to be labeled as missing without some action in terms of discovering why they are missing. If you are still off discuss with other staff members to make them aware that we are missing items.