GeekBar Notes


Accurate documentation while servicing a customer at the GeekBar is imperative to customer satisfaction and future servicing of the customer. All account information, passwords, and usernames are documented in both the LightSpeed invoice and 1Password.


Take notes while servicing the customer

While you are working with a customer, use a notebook, iPhone, or computer to keep track of account numbers, usernames, passwords, relevant events that happen on the machine, and any other important aspects of the interaction. This will eliminate having to try to remember events and information after the customer leaves. Do not leave your notes lying around; always protect our customers’ information.

Transfer all pertinent information to LightSpeed invoice

  1. When finished servicing the customer ask them if it is okay for you to enter their usernames and passwords into our system. Explain the “Geek/Client Privilege®” and assure them that we take their privacy and security very seriously.

  2. With the customer’s permission, enter all pertinent information (account numbers, passwords, usernames and events) in the “Internal Notes” field of the Lightspeed invoice.

    Example: Customer asked to change their Apple ID password because it was not working when they came in. We explained ramifications of changing passwords on one device without changing it on others.
    Enter passwords, usernames, acct numbers….
    New Password: HappyJacks87

  3. Date stamp the “Internal Notes” field

Transfer all pertinent information to GeekHampton 1Password 

  1. Enter passwords, usernames, account numbers, etc. in the “Notes” field and initial and date the entry.

    3-26-13 sh
    Apple ID
    Pw: Blahblahblah123