GeekHampton follows a regular inventory schedule with rotating responsibilities between staff members. 


Weekly Inventory

  1. The Administrative Assistant conducts a weekly count of all Apple products and external hard drives on Wednesdays. Front of House staff are expected to assist the Administrative Assistant with inventory when needed.
  2. Any discrepancies in the Weekly Inventory are communicated to President and Director of Operations by email.

Storewide Inventory

Storewide inventory occurs the first week in January of each year. Inventory is generally conducted when the store is closed and all available staff, including hourly and salaried, are expected to participate. Ample notice will be given to accommodate schedules.

Other Important Inventory Procedures

  1. See Wunderlist P&P for tracking and ordering low products.
  2. Any new purchase of a machine with a data transfer is invoiced before going to the tech room. Take the payment from the customer then convert the invoice to an SRO. This will take the machine out of inventory and eliminate issues with trying to locate a machine that appears to be in stock, but has actually been sold.
    Note: If you are not getting payment for the machine for some reason, the machine is placed on reserve status in an Order rather than invoiced. Once payment is received convert the Order to an SRO.
  3. IMPORTANT: All products are swiped on the sensor to demagnetize. When the security system is set off, do not tell the customer it is okay to leave. Walk over to the customer, remove each item from the bag and test it to see if it sets off the security sensor. Re-swipe if necessary. All beeping should alert us to theft, not our own inability to de-magnetize.
  4. Every item is scanned into an invoice using the UPC code. Do not manually key in items. If the product doesn't scan, please contact a manager to help resolve the scanning issue. 
  5. Some items are difficult to scan and must be entered manually (e.g., Ethernet cables). Always double-check that you are selecting the correct attributes for the item (color, size, etc.).
  6. When an item that is scanned returns an “Out of Stock” message, inform a manager prior to completing the transaction, so an adjustment can be made to the inventory right away.