SEED - Required Apple Sales Training


All GeekHampton employees, whether full or part-time, must complete SEED training modules on an ongoing basis. SEED is Apple’s sales training program and is regularly updated with new product information and customer service and sales tips. New employees will be assigned portions of SEED that must be completed prior to beginning their employment.


How to Get SEED

Go to Register for SEED using the Apple ID that you use for work (don’t create a new one). After you register, you’ll receive an email with instructions for installing the app. 

Certification requirements

  1. All new product training and testing must be completed within 14 days of product release.

  2. New staff will be assigned a schedule for completing modules, some of which will be completed prior to beginning work at GeekHampton.

How to use SEED

Once you sign in, the SEED app will open to a page with featured modules, showing the latest modules for new products. You can also select by category, return to previously viewed modules, or work your way through a “collection” of apps that will take you through several related modules. You can also use the search field to search by topic.

Once you select a module a window will open. Click on the blue “download” button to start the module.