Shoplifting prevention is the responsibility of every GeekHampton employee. Never accuse a person of shoplifting. The focus should always be on what is suspected of being shoplifted instead of the person. 


Provide good customer service.

Customer service is the best loss prevention technique available. Good customers love it; shoplifters hate it!

Be welcoming and genuine

Greet every customer with direct eye contact and a smile. Open the dialogue to make the customer feel welcome and to establish that our staff are alert and aware.  Use confident body language when doing so, by standing straight and appearing alert. 

Be alert and active

  1. Observe customer behavior and be ready to respond to their needs or actions. Let the customer know you are observing without overbearing.

  2. Never accuse the customer, always focus on the item.

  3. Stay aware of potential theft on the sales floor.

  4. Watch for suspicious behavior from customers.

    1. Is the customer wearing heavy bulky clothing even though the weather is good?

    2. Is the customer constantly looking behind, left or right, or above as if to see if anyone, or anything, is watching?

    3. Is a group of customers acting in a boisterous manner as if to call attention to themselves?

    4. Is a customer spending an inordinate amount of time looking at the same relatively high-priced merchandise?

    5. Is a customer seemingly resentful or uneasy when a sales associate asks if they can assist?

    6. Make mental and/or written notes, including descriptions, of any of the conditions noted above and the time of the event so management knows what time to go back and view in the camera recordings.

    7. Report any of the above conditions to store management.

What to do if you suspect shoplifting is taking place. 

  1. Do not position yourself between the suspected shoplifter and the door. Make eye contact while moving toward him or her. Look where the item is concealed. Observe physical characteristics of the shoplifter while doing this.

  2. Do not accuse the shoplifter. Instead, discuss the item. An example could be: “That iPhone case is a great color. Would you like me to ring it up for you?”

  3. Do not chase the shoplifter. If a shoplifter is observed leaving with an item, notify the manager in charge who will call the police.

  4. Request that each witness write down all the facts that he/she can remember without consulting others, which will be kept in an incident file. When questioned by the police, give full and complete cooperation.