Staying Productive During Slow Periods


GeekHampton employees remain productive during slow periods and look for opportunities to keep GeekHampton looking and operating at its best. 


  1. Keep all shelves stocked with merchandise. Keep a list of low inventory items and when a free moment arises, pull the product out of inventory from the back and replenish the shelf. If you sell a product that is the last one on the shelf, please restock. Always be looking out for low product. Keeping the shelves stocked and product moving is critical to our retail success. When you notice that a product is getting low on the shelf (see Wunderlist P&P):

    • Check product availability in LightSpeed.

    • If the availability is higher than the number of products on the shelf, look for the item in storage and restock.

    • If the availability is 0 or lower than the number of products on the shelf, check the color dot next to the product.

      • A yellow dot means the item is on order. Double-click the item name and go the inventory tab to “Coming” to check when the order was placed. If the date is very old, check with Sheryl and see if this is a mistake or the product is just not available. If the product is available and needs to be ordered, add the product code, product description, and your initials to the “Order Inventory” list in Wunderlist.

      • If the dot is red add the product code and description and your initials to the “Order Inventory” list in Wunderlist, then let Sheryl and Amy know that the product has a red dot.

    • When adding an item to Wunderlist be sure to include all variations of the code (e.g., codes for red, blue, black).

    • Add notes to the yellow notes area for the item in Wunderlist (e.g. “only one more on shelf”).

  2. Face the store: pull product forward on shelves and align, fill holes, FLUFF. Facing includes restocking. Please don’t pull products forward to fill in holes if more product can be placed on the shelf.

  3. Fill printer paper in the three printers in the front of the house. If cartridges are running low take them out and shake them or replace them if really low.

  4. Windex area on door near handles on both sides.

  5. Align all iPods/iPads. Keep the store looking neat, organized and clean.

  6. Make sure TV is on.

  7. Fill bags underneath POS counter.

  8. Stock pens and Scoutbooks.

  9. Restock business card display and make sure employee business cards are also replenished. Let Nicole know if an employee’s cards are low.

  10. Wipe down headphones with sanitizing wipe.

  11. Look around store and see if there is anything that does not look good, straighten up the rugs, pick up garbage on the floor and just make sure the shelves and tables all look neat.

  12. Update certification or read material on new products in SEED or online for 3rd party products.