Tracking Hours


All employees are required to record their daily work attendance and report full days of absence from work for reasons such as leaves of absence, sick leave or personal business. 


Clocking In/Out

  1. GeekHampton store hours are in place for opening and closing of the store. Employees work their scheduled hours regardless of the store hours and complete their work before clocking out.

  2. All employees arrive and clock in to Lightspeed 15 minutes before their shift in order to be prepared to begin their work on the floor at the scheduled time. Hourly employees should clock in after personal preparation for the work day (e.g., taking off coats, bathroom visits, etc.).

  3. Please answer the phones even if it is before 10 am.

  4. Hourly, non-exempt employees clock in and out of LightSpeed for any time away from work during the day (lunch break, doctor appointments, etc.). See instructions below.

  5. Hourly employees may clock out once the store is closed and the closing checklist items have been completed.

  6. Begin closing procedures 30 minutes prior to closing unless customer needs require you to delay these duties. Hourly employees must obtain manager approval if the overtime required to finish closing the store is more than 15 minutes.

  7. Do not leave without letting a manager know you are leaving.

  8. Employees assisting customers, working on projects, teaching or completing repairs are to complete what they are working on before clocking out. If the work you are doing is going to lead into another day please note everything accordingly. If you are not going to be there the next day please go over it with an employee who will be.

  9. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all time recorded in LightSpeed. Any errors in your time record should be reported immediately to Sheryl, who will attempt to correct legitimate errors.

Meal Period

  1. All hourly employees who work a shift of more than six hours starting before 11:00 am and continuing until 2:00 pm must take an uninterrupted meal period of a half hour between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.

  2. The lunch period is unpaid time and must be tracked in LightSpeed.

How to clock in and out of LightSpeed

  1. Go to “Timesheets” in left-hand column

  2. Click on + Sign at bottom

  3. Select your name in the “User” dropdown menu

  4. Click on green Start button.

  5. To clock out for lunch, find your current record, click the red Stop button.

  6. To clock back in after lunch double click the “Completed” button then press the green start button.

  7. NOTE: Do not click the “+” sign again because that will create a second time sheet for you.


Tracking Benefit Hours 

Use of benefit hours (vacation, sick time, jury duty, etc.) are reported to the President/Owner who maintains a tracking system. Please refer to the Benefits section of the Employee Handbook for details on use of benefit hours. See “When I Work” policy for instructions on how to request time off.

Salaried, Exempt Staff

  1. The normal workweek for a full-time employee is considered to be a minimum of forty hours, however, greater emphasis is placed on meeting the responsibilities assigned to the position rather than on working a specified number of hours. The emphasis for the exempt employee is on what it takes to get the work done. One week might require more than 40 hours while another week requires fewer than 40 hours.

  2. Exempt employees should complete their work prior to leaving for the day or when it is not possible to complete a project, transfer all information to whomever will be taking over in your absence. Please keep accurate notes so the person covering for you can pick up where you left off.

  3. Exempt employees are not required to record their work time for the purposes of receiving their salary; however, full day absences for vacation, sick or personal time are tracked and deducted from accrued benefits. If accrued benefits have been depleted, full day absences will be deducted from salary at eight hours per day.