Booking Teaching Appointments


GeekHampton offers both individual (1-to-1) and group classes. 1-to-1 appointments are individual lessons that can be booked either by phone or in-person. Group classes are booked by phone, in person, or through the website. At this time only Sheryl Heller, Amy Marr, Mike Avery and Meaghan Derby are authorized to book teaching appointments. 


1-to-1 Appointments

  1. Confirm they are using Apple products and that they have their own device/machine. New customers who aren’t familiar with GeekHampton often do not realize we are strictly Apple.
  2. Check the instructor’s availability on the “Classroom” Calendar to determine day/time for lesson with customer. Always leave 15 minutes between all Instructor appointments so the Instructor has time between meetings.
  3. Communicate the cost of an individual lesson to the customer. Refer to current rate sheet or GeekHampton website for price (
  4. Explain the option of purchasing a 3 or 5 pack class.
    • This is a good opportunity to inform the customer of the value of class packages both in terms of cost savings but also the flexibility that paying for more than one hour allows (projects, returning with questions, building on what they learned in a previous class, or extending the class beyond an hour).
    • Determining which class package is right for the customer is key, especially if this is their first Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Use open-ended questions (questions that require more than a "yes" or "no") to understand the customer’s needs.
    • Refer to current rate sheet or GeekHampton website for package pricing (
  5. CRITICAL: Obtain the customer’s phone number and email address. Explain to customer that this information is necessary in case there are cancelations or changes that need to be communicated to them.
  6. Enter the day/time of the 1-to-1 lesson on instructor’s “Classroom” Calendar. The title or subject of the event should say the teachers name followed by the type of meeting and customers name ONLY. 

    In the Notes for the event, the customers phone number should be on the first line, followed by a brief description of what will be discussed during the class time. This information is important so the instructor knows what to cover in the class and to plan which instructor is the most suited to teach the class.
  7. After the description, confirm that the customer is aware of the Cancellation Policy and any possible additional fees (i.e., “bring a friend” fee if they mention someone might want to tag along).
  8. After all notes are taken, the employee who scheduled the class leaves their initials in the event. This way if the instructor has any questions regarding the appointment they can ask.
  9. Read back the appointment date and time to the customer, offer to write it down on a business card or send them an email. Confirmation of details is important!
  10. After the appointment is booked, please email the instructor(s) to confirm the appointment. If the employee is not comfortable or is not allowed to schedule a class on his/her own, please email the discussed details to the instructor(s) so that the appropriate employee can book the class time.

Group Class Appointments

  1. First Saturday Community Classes
    Customers do not need to register ahead. Please direct customers to our website if they want to receive a confirmation of the date and time by email.  Information is also available on printed cards. Circle the relevant section on the card for them and write the date/time of the lesson on the back of the card.
  2. Midweek Community Classes
    Customers do not need to register ahead. Offer to assist the customer with adding their email address to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook/social media for updates on these classes