Classroom Care and Equipment


GeekHampton’s classroom and teaching equipment are kept clean and in good repair. All employees are responsible for leaving the class clean, stocked with supplies and ready for use for the next class. GeekHampton employees follow these guidelines for use of the classroom and teaching equipment.


Classroom Care

  1. The classroom is kept in an orderly state throughout the day.

  2. All employees using the classroom for breaks are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, being sure tables are left free of food, garbage, etc.

  3. Tables and chairs are wiped clean using a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth. Remove any garbage, boxes, supplies, especially after labeling newly arrived products.

  4. Pens, booklets, and other teaching items are replenished and then put away in designated locations (lectern or closet). Add these items to Wunderlist when they are running low (see Wunderlist P&P).

  5. Sweep floor and spot clean where necessary.