Classroom Check Out


After the completion of a 1-to-1 Lesson the instructor is responsible for insuring all attendees pay the class fee.


  1. Instructor escorts the student(s) to the front counter to process payments (see LightSpeed manual payment processing procedures).

  2. 1-to-1 Lesson: Product Code is “Geeks Teach” and the Description is “In-Store Computer Lessons.”

  3. Enter the correct amount of time in decimals in the Quantity section:

    15 minutes = .25
    ½ hour = .5
    45 minutes = .75
    hour = 1

  4. After payment for the lesson is completed the instructor MUST enter notes about the lesson, make sure to include what was covered and if any passwords or accounts were changed. Notes must be clear and complete enough that any employee could understand what was covered in the lesson and how to assist the customer.