Conducting Lessons


GeekHampton is committed to providing quality computer lessons to the community. All training, whether 1-to-1 lessons or small group classes, is conducted by all instructors using a consistent structure established in the following procedures.


1-to-1 Lesson Format

  1. All staff members: When a customer indicates that they have arrived for a 1-to-1 lesson ask for their name and confirm what time and with which instructor they have an appointment. Let the customer know that the instructor will be with them momentarily. Notify instructor of the arrival of their student.

  2. Instructors arrive prepared for the lesson. Make a regular practice of looking at your schedule in advance one week and one day prior to the lesson. Review any programs or skills that will be required to teach the lesson well in advance so you can appropriately guide the student and answer their questions. Each morning instructors look at their schedule to ensure they remember their scheduled appointments and are prepared.

  3. Instructor explains general classroom policies (see below).

  4. Instructor provides to each student a “Training Notes” booklet, a GeekHampton logo pen, and instructions for completing an online evaluation of the course (an email will be sent to them with a link to complete the evaluation). Advise students of GeekHampton’s desire to improve services and offerings by seeking feedback through the evaluation process and that all evaluations are anonymous.

  5. CRITICAL: During the lesson the instructor takes notes on what was covered during the lesson, if any passwords were changed and for what reason. Password notes should include the username associated with the changed password (with customer’s permission).

  6. Upon completion of lesson, instructor asks student if they would like to book another appointment and follows “Booking Teaching Appointments” procedure if so.

  7. CRITICAL: Instructor transfers the notes taken during the lesson into the “Notes” section of the customer’s invoice and the “Note” section of Contacts.

General Classroom Policies

  1. Water is allowed in the classroom area.

  2. Food is not allowed in the classroom area.

  3. A bathroom is available for use and is located down the hall and to the right.

  4. Please refrain from using cell phones during class. It is preferred that cell phones are completely turned off.