Diagnostics: Macs Made Prior to 2006 (non-Intel)

There are no Apple Diagnostics that can be run at the GeekBar for non-Intel Macs, so you will run File System Check (fsck –yf) to help determine hard drive status or condition.

Please first refer to the Diagnostics Procedure before following these steps.

  1. Restart the computer pressing and holding the Command+S keys while it boots.  This will boot the Computer in single-user mode, which will provide you with a text-mode terminal.
  2. When the text stops scrolling type the following command:
    fsck –yf
  3. Press Enter or return on the keyboard
  4. The command will run through several phases of checks. 
  5. When it’s done, if there are no issues with the hard drive you will see this message:
    ** The volume [name] appears to be OK
  6. If there are issues, you will see this message:
  7. This indicates the fsck command found and fixed problems. The fsck command may find additional errors after repairing the first batch of errors, so Apple recommends you run the fsck command again if it found and fixed problems.
  8. Run the above fsck command over and over until you see:
    ** The volume [name] appears to be OK
  9. When the fsck command says your disk is okay, type the following command:
  10. Press Enter on the keyboard
  11. If the computer is not repairable, please note in the SRO what the error message says  (e.g., i/o error, bit map issue)

Please remember to document all test results in the SRO.