Intake and Labeling of Additional Items


GeekHampton does not need any additional items (power cords, peripheral devices, or accessories) when taking in a machine for repair unless the item is critical to or linked to the service or repair. When customer’s leave their additional items there is a risk of the items being lost or misplaced and GeekHampton becomes responsible for replacing them.


Explain policy to customer

GeekHampton does not accept any additional items in order to avoid any loss or damage to items. Many items, such as cables, keyboards, etc, look alike and are easily mixed up or not returned to a customer when they pick up their device. It’s best for the customer to hold on to these items to avoid an issue.

Document the items on SRO in LightSpeed.

Items that are accepted because they are critical to the service or repair must be documented and labeled on the SRO.

  1. Refer to the “Setting Up an SRO” and the “SRO Documentation” policies for more information.

  2. Check the corresponding boxes in the “Additional Items” field, and note the items in the “Problem Description” field. Be sure to describe the items checked in, and note the make and model if possible (e.g., Black LaCie drive).

Label the items with the same label you would use on a computer.

  1. Click on the Gear/Cog icon in the bottom left-center of the SRO window, and choose “Print SRO Label” from the dropdown menu.

  2. Print the appropriate amount of labels, based on the number of items taken in.

  3. When taking in more than one machine for one service request, you can print separate labels based on the machines’ serial numbers. To do so, click on the serial number field of the unit you are printing a label for and follow the steps above to print out a label for it. When a customer has multiple repairs, put them on separate SROs.

  4. Make sure to place the labels on areas where they are easily visible, and less prone to falling off accidentally.

  5. Example of label: