Service Request Order (SRO) Documentation


All GeekHampton employees follow standard guidelines for documenting in the Service Request Order (SRO) section of LightSpeed.


Problem Description Field

This is the primary note field where machine intake information is thoroughly documented, including customer’s username/password, descriptions of additional items accepted, and any physical or cosmetic damage to the machine. Please refer to the “Setting up an SRO” policy and procedure for more information on completing this field.

Effective Communication

Over communication is preferable to under communication. The SRO system is an integral aspect of the Technical Department’s ability to function efficiently and to serve GeekHampton’s customers with the premium level of care they have come to expect. In a sense, the tech is first viewing the SRO “blind” and is relying on the notes you have taken to understand the issue with the device. When notes are missing or incomplete, service and repairs take longer and mistakes occur. Every employee is responsible for completing notes with accuracy and thoroughness. When in doubt, put it in the notes.

Printable Fields

Some fields of the SRO are printed and viewable by customers and therefore must always be written with proper grammar and spelling. Use LightSpeed’s built-in spell check to double-check your entries (CMD + ; calls up the spell check).  

Confidential Information

  1. The “Problem Description” and “Printed Notes” fields are viewable by customers when printed. If there is something confidential or private the customer should not see, enter it in the “Internal Notes” field.

  2. If a credit card number is needed, enter it in “Internal Notes” and delete the information once it is no longer needed. NEVER enter credit card information in a printable field.

  3. Never write anything derogatory about a customer or employee anywhere on the SRO.

Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes on the SRO are never acceptable. Always enter information on the SRO electronically so all employees have access to the information. If changes are made to the original SRO, reprint the SRO and staple it to the original signed copy.