Accepted Forms of Payment


GeekHampton accepts Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, Synchrony Financing, Checks and Cash, and our own GeekHampton gift cards. Use the Cayan terminal to process chip cards. We do not accept any other type of gift card other than a GeekHampton gift card. We do not accept Apple gift cards, including iTunes, App Store, etc. GeekHampton accepts checks on an individual basis with manager approval.

Learn more about the special financing option you can offer our customers, "Synchrony Financing."


Credit Card with Chip

  1. Select type of credit card under Payment Methods

  2. After the blue arrows on the reader light up, instruct the customer to insert their card into the chip reader, chip side first and push until it clicks. The customer should not remove card until the display says to remove the card or you hear a beep.

  3. Hit process.

  4. If credit card is declined, ask customer for another form of payment. Banks are frequently issuing fraud alerts when there are large amounts charged. Ask the customer if they receive fraud alerts from their bank by text or email and then ask them to check for the alert. They can also call the bank to confirm.

Fraudulent Cards

  1. If a customer uses a fraudulent card, GeekHampton will not be covered for the purchase.

  2. Fraudulent chip cards will not work in the chip reader, so the customer attempts to slide it.

  3. Upon sliding the card, it appears to process the charge, thereby allowing the customer to steal the item.

  4. Old cards that do not have a chip and must slide to process may also be fraudulent

  5. Therefore if a purchase is over $100 and the chip does not work (or it is a card without a chip), you must get manager approval before processing the order.

Credit Card Payments Over the Phone

  1. When taking payment over the phone with a credit card (or any time you must enter the card number manually) ask for the zip code as well.

  2. If the amount is over $100 and/or the customer is unknown, Sheryl or Amy must first approve the transaction.

GeekHampton Gift Card

  1. Select Gift Card under Payment Methods

  2. Make sure swiper is plugged in to the computer by checking that the light is on then swipe card.

  3. The serial number on the gift card comes up and shows the amount left on the card.

  4. We do not accept Apple gift cards.

  5. Any remaining balance is kept as a credit on the gift card


  1. For $50 or higher bills, swipe the cash with the fraudulent bill pen kept in the drawer at the POS. If the mark the pen makes is dark, it is a fraudulent bill. Let your manager know immediately and they will inform the customer. Also, please check the security features for the particular bill denomination and year printed. Please visit to learn or check the security features.

  2. Select Cash under Payment Methods.

  3. Record the amount tendered, hit save.

  4. If you don’t hit save at this point no payment will be recorded and the invoice will be saved with an unpaid balance even though the customer has paid. It will also cause the cash drawer to be off at the end of the day.

  5. LightSpeed will show you the correct amount of change to give to the customer.



  1. ONLY with manager approval

  2. Select Check under Payment Methods

  3. Input the amount of the check and check number in indicated fields, hit save.

  4. Make sure the check is written for the exact amount of the sale. Be sure there is a local address, phone number, and that the long-hand written amount matches the numbers.

  5. After putting the check into LightSpeed, give the check to Amy, Nicole or Sheryl to deposit.