Adding Products (Parts) to LightSpeed


Parts that have not been ordered for previous repairs must be entered into the LightSpeed database.


  1. When adding a part to an “SRO”, a message appears: “There is no Product record for this part in your database. Create one now?”  This is usually an indication that this is the first time this part has been used in a repair.  In order to proceed with adding the part, select “Yes.”
  2. A new window appears with the title “Select the Live Rules that will be run on this Product.” 
  3. Check that “Apple Exchange” and “Apple Stock” are checked off
  4. Click “Apply.” 
  5. Close the “Parts Lookup” window and the “GSX Warranty Lookup” window (if still open) leaving the “Product” window for the new part that was just entered.
  6. Select “Apple Service” from the “Family” dropdown menu in the Product window. 
  7. Select “Parts” in the “Class” dropdown list, directly below the “Family” dropdown menu. 
  8. Check the “Editable Selling Price” checkbox towards the bottom of the Product window. 
  9. Be sure to add the “Supplier Code” to the “Product” by clicking on the “+” icon listed below “Costs” in the middle, left-hand side of the “Product” window. This will bring up the “New Cost” window. Select “Apple Service” under the “Supplier” dropdown menu in the top of the “New Cost” window. Enter the exact part number in the “Supplier Code” text box, then click on the “Save” button. It is not necessary to enter in the cost at this time, as they will be updated automatically, each time the part is used in an “SRO,” “Order,” or “PO.”
  10. Click “Save” in the bottom right corner of the Product window. 
  11. A prompt appears again: “Select the Live Rules that will be run on this Product”
  12. Check that “Apple Exchange” and “Apple Stock” are checked off
  13. Click “Apply.” 
  14. A new window appears: “2 Live Rules were run on this Product.” 
  15. Click “OK” and close out of the newly created Product window and proceed with the rest of the repair.