Email Configuration


All GeekHampton employees follow consistent guidelines when configuring email accounts for customers.


Communicate information about mail server type (IMAP or POP3) to customer.

IMAP (think “synced”)

  • All email messages, including sent messages and message folders, are saved on the server

  • Email messages may be saved on the computer for offline viewing

  • All messages and folders can be viewed from any computer or iOS device connecting via IMAP, including Webmail

  • Most recommended for users who connect to E-mail accounts from many computers

  • Explain that when you delete an email from one device it is deleted from all devices

  • Need to be aware of how large the mailbox is because all messages remain on the server. Optonline is now IMAP too but it has a very small mailbox (2GB as of 2017).

POP3 (think “not synced”)

  • All email messages, along with any attachments, are downloaded to users computer for viewing.

  • Depending on program configuration, these messages may be automatically deleted from the server once it is received, or at some future time.

  • Messages sent, moved, or deleted from a computer using POP can only be viewed on that individual computer's folders. They cannot be viewed on other computers connecting to that email account, including Webmail.

  • POP3 is an old email server type and is not recommended for users, but when moving people off of it to IMAP one must explain what the difference is.

NOTE: See Moving Email from POP to IMAP procedure for instructions on move an account from POP to IMAP.

Configure customer’s email account according to email server requirements

  • See Email Host Settings for server requirements

  • If this process is taking more than a few minutes to complete, ask a tech for assistance.

Test both incoming and outgoing email

Make sure you when configuring email you test both incoming and outgoing mail (send to both the customers email and your own, and confirm receipt at both addresses). Login to webmail to check that the password is right if you are receiving an error message.

Check sent mailbox

Make sure when configuring you check the sent mail box on all devices that they are all pointing to the same Sent mail folder.  

To change Apple Mail’s Default Sent Mail folder refer to: Sent Mail Folder Configuration

SMTP info

All portable devices require the SMTP information to be filled out completely, even if it says optional it is not optional.

Moving someone from POP to IMAP:

NOTE: See Moving Email from POP to IMAP: policy for instructions on move an account from POP to IMAP.