Repair Documentation


All GeekHampton technicians document all repair activity including repair progress, customer calls, repair status, parts, serial numbers, and any other information that is pertinent to the repair in the Service Request Order (SRO). Updated and accurate documentation is imperative to the efficient functioning of the Tech Department.


Document as much information as possible

More information is better than less. This cannot be stressed enough. Be as descriptive and precise as possible.

Where and what to document

  1. Internal Notes field

    • Progress on the repair

    • Serial numbers, including non-Apple parts, are entered at the top of this field

    • All KGB serials, KBB serials, and tracking numbers must be entered in the corresponding SRO if the GSX repair requires these serials. This is important because this information may need to be referenced later on.

  2. Parts field

    • Document any parts used for the repair. The “Parts” field includes both inventoried and non-inventoried items tracked through LightSpeed. Any parts required for the repair need to be entered in this field for tracking and invoicing purposes. These parts include items such as Apple-specific repair parts, backup drives, or software that the customer plans to purchase once the repair is complete.

  3. Printed Notes

    • Any completed work is written in a manner that will be understood by the customer and is free of spelling or grammatical errors. Use LightSpeed’s built-in spell check to double-check your entries (CMD + ; calls up the spell check).