Returning Repaired Computer to Customer


Follow this procedure when a customer comes in to pick up their repaired computer device.


  1. Customer comes in and says they are here to pick up their computer.

  2. Ask the customer their name and what type of computer (laptop or desktop) and go to the tech room and find the computer on the shelf.

  3. Look at the SRO and see what has been done with the computer before you leave to the tech room, ask the techs if there are any questions.

  4. Take the computer out to the customer. If it is a laptop automatically turn it on and show the customer what has been done. If it is a desktop ask the customer if they would like to look over the computer and, if so, put it on the GeekBar and set it up to show the customer.

  5. If there are any “Pickup Notes,” please go over the notes with the customer.

  6. Check LightSpeed for payment. If no payment has been made, take the customer's payment at this time. 

  7. Once they approve the work that has been done on their computer have them sign one of the invoices and then you initial the invoice yourself. Bring the signed/initialed invoice and SRO back to the tech room and file it in the appropriate folder by the door.