Setting Up Orders and Purchase Orders in LightSpeed


If a repair requires a part to be ordered from Apple, an Order and Purchase Order (PO) must be setup in LightSpeed using an Apple-specified part code.


Find the code for the needed part

  1. In LightSpeed, click on the unit’s Serial Number in the SRO window, and hit the Return key on your keyboard.

  2. The GSX Warranty Lookup window will appear. Click on the Parts Lookup box, located in the bottom left corner of this window. Click OK.

  3. LightSpeed will open a parts window specific to the machine being repaired.

  4. Search for the part by its description in the Parts Lookup search box located at the top of the window and once found, double click on the part to add it to the Parts tab/sub section of the SRO window. When you are finished looking for parts click on the Done button in the bottom right corner of the Parts Lookup window, then click on the Save button in the GSX Warranty Lookup window to close it.

  5. Switch over to the Parts tab/sub section of the SRO window and click on the part to highlight it and click on the Save button in the lower right-hand corner of the SRO window.

Order the part

  1. Once the SRO has been saved, the Order button on the bottom of the SRO window will appear.

  2. With the part highlighted, click on the Order button, which will create an Order with the part added earlier. Double check that the price on the part has not changed since the Order was created. If it has, enter the correct price for the part.

  3. Save the Order and proceed by clicking on the PO button in the bottom of the Order window.

Create the PO

  1. A PO specific for the repair is created. Before saving the PO type Apple Service in the Supplier search field in the top of the PO window.

  2. Double click on Apple Service for it to enter the Supplier into the PO. This will often, but not always, enter the Supplier code for the part in the PO. If it does not, type in the same code as the Product code in the Supplier code field.

  3. The price for the part should be different in the PO than the price in the Order. Be sure to enter the price of the part as it is shown during the final page of setting up a repair in GSX. If GSX shows charges for shipping, add the Shipping product in the Purchases tab in the PO window. Double check to make sure the total price of the PO matches what you see in the final window in GSX before you save the repair.

  4. Double check that everything matches and then save the PO.

  5. Use the number of the PO in the Purchase Order Number field when asked during the initial setup of the repair in GSX.