Technician Certification


In order to qualify as an Authorized Service Provider Apple requires GeekHampton to verify that all technicians servicing computers have up-to-date certifications. In addition, GeekHampton strives to maintain Premium Service Provider status by meeting Apple’s requirements for this program. Therefore all GeekHampton employees who repair or service computers must be Apple certified and remain certified throughout their employment as a technician. Technicians who allow their certifications to lapse will not be permitted to service computers.


Certification Requirements

  1. All GeekHampton technicians have achieved ACMT certification.

  2. Probationary technicians must pass the ACMT certification exams within 90 days of hire date.

  3. ACMT certification is renewed annually. GeekHampton technicians are responsible for monitoring their renewal date and passing the recertification before expiration.

New Products

New products that require certification by Apple will be announced through GSX. GeekHampton requires all technicians to become certified to service these new products within 30 days of the exams’ release. GeekHampton technicians are responsible for ensuring they meet this deadline for certification.

Exam Fee Reimbursement

GeekHampton will reimburse technicians upon completion of certification exams with passing scores.