Greeting Customers Using Qminder


A queue management system is used to prioritize customer assistance. An iPad is provided at the front of the store. Customers sign in with their name and select a service upon entering the store. A list of names will appear on the big screen TV so customers are kept informed of where they are in the queue.


  • The GeekHampton sales associate has the very important position of being the first person a customer encounters upon entering the store. Creating a positive first impression sets the tone for a successful interaction with the customer.

  • Acknowledge everyone who walks in the door even if you are helping someone else and ask them to sign in at the iPad located by the front door. Let them know someone will be right with them.

  • Be sure you have logged into Qminder and selected which services you are available to provide.

    • 3.1. Sales

    • 3.2. Service

    • 3.3. Pick up

    • 3.4. General Questions

  • To take the next customer, click on the “Call Next” button and announce the name of the customer. The customer’s name will appear on the large screen TV and a sound will ring to let the customers know the next name is up for service. The name will also be highlighted on the TV so the customer is aware they are up for assistance.

  • When you have finished assisting the customer, simply hit Call Next again to close out the previous service and start a new service with the next customer. To stop assisting customers, select the drop down menu and select “mark as served.” That will take you out of the service queue.