Geek Guard Digital Defense

"I am loving this! I feel like I have a 24/7 tech care giver."
— Diane Saatchi, GeekHampton Client

How It Works

We install lightweight software on your computer that allows early detection of hardware, backup and software problems.

What We Monitor

Server Software

Ensure your server software is operating correctly.
Monitor license expirations, backup completion, and more.

Disk Drives

Help prevent system corruption and data loss by
detecting early warning signs of disk failure.

RAID Systems

Monitor for early warning signs of trouble and
avoid downtime due to RAID failures.


Monitor and alert you to excessive network errors, failing
hardware, and internet service provider issues.

System Performance

Alert you to performance issues such as failing battery, 
faulty RAM, and kernel panics.

Adware/Malware Supplement

An additional layer of adware/malware monitoring.


Reports including machine name, last logged in user, serial number, RAM, model number, OS and firmware versions, and more.


$108 per year per computer. Family and business discounts available.


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