Classroom Care and Equipment


GeekHampton’s classroom and teaching equipment are kept clean and in good repair. All employees are responsible for leaving the class clean, stocked with supplies and ready for use for the next class. GeekHampton employees follow these guidelines for use of the classroom and teaching equipment.


Classroom Care

  1. The classroom is kept in an orderly state throughout the day.

  2. All employees using the classroom for breaks are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, being sure tables are left free of food, garbage, etc.

  3. Tables and chairs are wiped clean using a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth. Remove any garbage, boxes, supplies, especially after labeling newly arrived products.

  4. Pens, booklets, and other teaching items are replenished and then put away in designated locations (lectern or closet). Add these items to Wunderlist when they are running low (see Wunderlist P&P).

  5. Sweep floor and spot clean where necessary.

Classroom Check Out


After the completion of a 1-to-1 Lesson the instructor is responsible for insuring all attendees pay the class fee.


  1. Instructor escorts the student(s) to the front counter to process payments (see LightSpeed manual payment processing procedures).

  2. 1-to-1 Lesson: Product Code is “Geeks Teach” and the Description is “In-Store Computer Lessons.”

  3. Enter the correct amount of time in decimals in the Quantity section:

    15 minutes = .25
    ½ hour = .5
    45 minutes = .75
    hour = 1

  4. After payment for the lesson is completed the instructor MUST enter notes about the lesson, make sure to include what was covered and if any passwords or accounts were changed. Notes must be clear and complete enough that any employee could understand what was covered in the lesson and how to assist the customer.

Conducting Lessons


GeekHampton is committed to providing quality computer lessons to the community. All training, whether 1-to-1 lessons or small group classes, is conducted by all instructors using a consistent structure established in the following procedures.


1-to-1 Lesson Format

  1. All staff members: When a customer indicates that they have arrived for a 1-to-1 lesson ask for their name and confirm what time and with which instructor they have an appointment. Let the customer know that the instructor will be with them momentarily. Notify instructor of the arrival of their student.

  2. Instructors arrive prepared for the lesson. Make a regular practice of looking at your schedule in advance one week and one day prior to the lesson. Review any programs or skills that will be required to teach the lesson well in advance so you can appropriately guide the student and answer their questions. Each morning instructors look at their schedule to ensure they remember their scheduled appointments and are prepared.

  3. Instructor explains general classroom policies (see below).

  4. Instructor provides to each student a “Training Notes” booklet, a GeekHampton logo pen, and instructions for completing an online evaluation of the course (an email will be sent to them with a link to complete the evaluation). Advise students of GeekHampton’s desire to improve services and offerings by seeking feedback through the evaluation process and that all evaluations are anonymous.

  5. CRITICAL: During the lesson the instructor takes notes on what was covered during the lesson, if any passwords were changed and for what reason. Password notes should include the username associated with the changed password (with customer’s permission).

  6. Upon completion of lesson, instructor asks student if they would like to book another appointment and follows “Booking Teaching Appointments” procedure if so.

  7. CRITICAL: Instructor transfers the notes taken during the lesson into the “Notes” section of the customer’s invoice and the “Note” section of Contacts.

General Classroom Policies

  1. Water is allowed in the classroom area.

  2. Food is not allowed in the classroom area.

  3. A bathroom is available for use and is located down the hall and to the right.

  4. Please refrain from using cell phones during class. It is preferred that cell phones are completely turned off.

Booking Teaching Appointments


GeekHampton offers individual (1-to-1) classes. 1-to-1 appointments are individual lessons that can be booked either by phone or in-person. At this time only Sheryl Heller, Amy Marr, Mike Avery, Meaghan Derby, and Nicole Watson are authorized to book teaching appointments. 


1-to-1 Appointments

  1. Confirm they are using Apple products and that they have their own device/machine. New customers who aren’t familiar with GeekHampton often do not realize we are strictly Apple.

  2. Check the instructor’s availability on the “Classroom” Calendar to determine day/time for lesson with customer. Always leave 15 minutes between all Instructor appointments so the Instructor has time between meetings.

  3. Communicate the cost of an individual lesson to the customer. Refer to current rate sheet or GeekHampton website for price (

  4. Explain the option of purchasing a multi-pack class.

    • This is a good opportunity to inform the customer of the value of class packages both in terms of cost savings but also the flexibility that paying for more than one hour allows (projects, returning with questions, building on what they learned in a previous class). Note, classes are not extended beyond one hour unless there are special circumstances and approved by Sheryl Heller.

    • Determining which class package is right for the customer is key, especially if this is their first Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Use open-ended questions (questions that require more than a "yes" or "no") to understand the customer’s needs.

    • Refer to current rate sheet or GeekHampton website for package pricing (

  5. CRITICAL: Obtain the customer’s phone number and email address. Explain to customer that this information is necessary in case there are cancelations or changes that need to be communicated to them.

  6. Enter the day/time of the 1-to-1 lesson on instructor’s “Classroom” Calendar. The title or subject of the event should say the teachers name followed by the type of meeting and customers name ONLY.

    In the Notes for the event, the customers phone number should be on the first line, followed by a brief description of what will be discussed during the class time. This information is important so the instructor knows what to cover in the class.

  7. After the description, confirm that the customer is aware of the Cancellation Policy and any possible additional fees (i.e., “bring a friend” fee if they mention someone might want to tag along).

  8. After all notes are taken, the employee who scheduled the class leaves their initials in the event. This way if the instructor has any questions regarding the appointment they can ask.

  9. Read back the appointment date and time to the customer, offer to write it down on a business card or send them an email. Confirmation of details is important!

  10. After the appointment is booked, please email the instructor(s) to confirm the appointment. If the employee is not comfortable or is not allowed to schedule a class on his/her own, please email the discussed details to the instructor(s) so that the appropriate employee can book the class time.